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Fun with numbers and letters. Worksheets for kindergartners. 

As parents we all need a little break. Whether it’s juggling dinner and bath time or getting that last work email out before shutting it down for the evening. Ten minutes here and there is valuable. We use kindergarten worksheets to engage our kids and boost their thinking skills while we are getting stuff done. We also use kindergarten worksheets to connect with our kids for some daily one on one time.

But what about this kid worksheet dilemma. Some say do them and some say don’t. Since our kids like them and we have seen a boost in thinking and cognitive skills, we wanted to get to the bottom of it. After reading articles, blog posts and debates the info below is what we have gathered. Kindergarten worksheets are good if you include an active, hands-on activity to keep them learning after the worksheet is finished.

Since we love worksheets we have made this packet for you. It includes 7 free kindergarten worksheets with simple math problems to creative coloring activities that will engage your little one. Inspired by the endless California summer and our love of snow and space we hope you enjoy these fun kindergarten worksheets as much as our kids do.

Download the free kindergarten worksheets here.

Make a worksheet an activity sheet.

While doing the worksheets, consider these fun activities to boost brain power and make a passive activity an active one.

  • Pretend Play.
    You can be the teacher and they can be the student or vice versa.
  • Take what they have learned to the streets.
    Have them count leaves in back yard.
    Sort colored buttons.
    Count Blue shirts while at the grocery store.
    Identify letters on a street sign.
  • Ask them how they know it’s a 5 or a 6. Have them show you different ways of making a 5 or 6 with their fingers, rocks or Legos.
  • Make up stories about the surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding monsters. At bedtime or while you are doing the worksheet.
  • Next time you are at the beach, skate park or in the snow talk about the monsters. Where do they live? What is their favorite food?
  • Have your child give the monsters funny names.
  • Have your child draw their own surfing, skating or snowboarding monster.
  • Read a book about space, snow or the ocean.
  • Explore the night sky with them before they go to bed.
  • Ask questions about space.
    What planet would travel to?
    What planet do they live on?
    Would they live on a space station?
    click here to go to NASA site
  • Make a rocket out of a toilet paper roll.
    click here to go to Crafty Morning
  • Do some fun space crafts.
    click here to go to I Heart Arts and Crafts
  • Create a letter sculpture with some cardboard.
    Cut out their favorite letter larger than normal and have your kid decorate it.
    click here to go to Art Bar Blog
  • Remember to praise them for the effort.
    Use phrases like:
    “You found a really good way to do it”
    “You did a great job with those math problems”
    “I can see you’ve been practicing”
    “Your hard work has really paid off” 

Free Kindergarten worksheet resources.

If your kids enjoy worksheets here are some of our favorite
free kindergarten worksheets.

Flash Kids
click here to go to Flash Kids

Great Schools
click here to go to Great Schools

Jump Start
click here to go to Jump Start

Logic Roots
click here to go to Logic Roots

School Sparks
click here to go to School Sparks

click here to go to Honest

Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts on kindergarten worksheets.
Feedback is always welcome.

Have a wonderful day full of learning.
The Sproudly Family 


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